About Linda

I want to have a “place of my own” to journal my experience as I go through the process of grieving the loss of my Mom. I hope others who have lost someone dear to them will share their experiences with me in the comments.

For 67 years Mom was part of my life. She was 87 when she passed away September 10, 2013, and my life changed that day. Our family dynamic changed that day too. My brother made the comment that now I was the family matriarch! I thought I can’t be because that’s Mom. I’m Mom’s daughter. I’ve always been Mom’s daughter, Bobby’s wife, and Laura & Kelly’s Mom. I can’t be a matriarch! So in my matriarchal way I’m sharing Mom’s life with–well, with everyone. Mom would be appalled. She didn’t see herself as having any special talents but she did and as I go through the memories during this grieving process I hope she’ll be happy I’m bragging on her.


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