I think of Mom when the 4 o’clocks bloom.

In 2005 Bobby & I made one of our many visits to see Mom & Dad when they lived in Athens. They lived in a house built in th3 1940’s. The yard was beautiful which Mom really appreciated. There was a huge pecan tree in the front yard, ligustrums all along one side of the house and beautiful 4 o’clocks along the other side of the house. Mom gave us pecans gathered in the front yard, a ligustrum cutting, and alot of seeds from the 4 o’clocks. I used the pecans although I still have some left, kept out of sentimentality. I planted the ligustrum cutting and it’s doing really well. I planted the 4 o’clocks & have enjoyed them now for several years in the spring & summer when they bloom profusely. They spread so now our backyard is covered with them. This year it’s a bittersweet moment when I look at the beautiful flowers. I know Mom would’ve loved that the blooms fill the yard. I miss being able to call her & tell her to come see them like I did when she lived across the street from us. From Bobby’s mother’s yard we have clover & Tallow trees that are doing really well. From my grandmother’s yard we have a plant with purple flowers but I don’t know the name of it. It’s a nice feeling of life going on in spite of our losses. ????????????????????

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