Dolly and Kitty

Mom loved animals and considered Dolly (her Terrior) and Kitty (her cat) her best friends, especially after my Dad died in 2006. My sister gave Mom Dolly several years ago and Kitty wandered up to her house in 2007 and decided to stay.

When Mom passed away, Dolly & Kitty were homeless. No one in the family felt like they could take Dolly & Kitty so I looked into putting Kitty in a sanctuary in Woodville. Kitty has feline AIDS and can’t be outside or around other cats. Dolly isn’t child-friendly. Bobby & I brought them to our house. Because we have five dogs the plan was to keep them until we could find them a home. I should have known better! Before I knew it I was attached to both Dolly & Kitty & couldn’t even think about giving them away. Surprisingly enough, even with our five dogs, everything’s going well. I think Mom would be happy to know Dolly & Kitty are with a member of the family.

Kitty Dolly

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