Mom at work in the Angelina County auditor’s office

Mom at her desk in the Angelina County auditor's office

Mom loved working as assistant county auditor. After Dad died in October 2006 she was looking for something to fill her days and to help her feel useful. At Kelly’s suggestion she submitted her resume for the position in the auditor’s office. She was so worried that the person looking at the resume would think she was too old to hire! But hire her that person did–thank you Eddie Gray! Mom was a born accountant and she introduced Kelly to accounting when Kelly was eleven by asking her if she wanted to work in her office. Mom at that time was partners with Evonne Blackwell in their own accounting firm in Corsicana, Texas. Kelly enjoyed the work so she went on to get a Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate and her license as a CPA. Mom was so proud of Kelly and her accomplishments. Mom’s last day at work was July 16, 2013, although she didn’t know it would be her last day. She passed out at the office and that was the beginning of a journey through illness and finally to passing away on September 10th. We, as Mom’s family, are so grateful for the friends and fulfillment she found in working for Angelina County from March 2007 until she officially retired on September 6, 2013. Susan, Jill, Renea, Sandra, Faye and everyone in the Treasurer & Auditor’s offices were an important part of Mom’s life. They were there for Mom and for us as Mom’s life ended. For that we are forever grateful to them.

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