Gran and Grandad

No blog about Mom would be complete without a posting about my Dad whom we all called Grandad. Grandad passed away October 15, 2006, leaving Gran alone for the first time ever. She & Grandad were married May 3, 1942, when Gran was 15 & Grandad was 18 & the United States had been pulled into WWII by Pearl Harbor Day on December 7, 1941.  Grandad was drafted in 1942 & spent 2 years in the European Theater of operations fighting as an infantryman. He lost a good friend when their foxhole was hit by a mortar shell. When he was discharged in 1945 he sold insurance for awhile then drove a truck but finally settled in 1948 on being a salesman for Kellogg Cereal Company where he worked for 17 years then quit & bought a small convenience store i West, Texas. Gran worked along side him in the store while getting her associates degree in accounting. Growing up I lived in Dallas, Houston, Waco, San Antonio and Fort Worth since Grandad was transferred every three years with Kellogg’s. We had an interesting life prior to the adoption of my sister in 1960 and the birth of my brother in 1962. At that point our lives certainly were more settled. Gran & Grandad were married 64 years. Were they happy years? Some were. Some were not as is the case with long-married couples.


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