Hobby Lobby Visit stirs memories~~

I went to Hobby Lobby recently for the first time since Mom passed away. I was not prepared for the memories that rushed me when I walked through the doors. Each year Mom and I went to Hobby Lobby as soon as we knew their Halloween, Christmas and Thanksgiving decorations were on the shelves. On one visit Mom was having so much pain from her hip that we used a wheelchair so she could “cruise” the store! We spent the most time in the Christmas aisles looking at the ornaments, the Santas, the angels, the greenery and the poinsettias. Neither of us bought very much–we’ve been doing Christmas a long time and we pretty much have our collection complete. Usually I’d buy a Santa for my collection and Mom would buy a pretty ornament for her tree.

My visit to Hobby Lobby was to pick out an Autumn bouquet for Mom & Dad’s niches in the mausoleum. I couldn’t handle going to the Christmas aisles. I just feel like Mom should be with me.

Charlie Brown--Stars shining down on usMy beautiful picture

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