We knew.

We knew in March 2013 that Mom was not herself.
She fell when she was staying at the Horseshoe Casino in Shreveport, LA. She pulled the muscles in her leg, causing her a great deal of pain. She began walking with a limp.
In April she totalled her car. As she was turning left across traffic, her eyesight, long plagued by macular degeneration, failed her. We took her to & from work, to the grocery store, to family get-togethers & to doctors’ appointments but she missed being independent.
In May she passed out at her office & stopped breathing for 22 seconds but began breathing on her own. She was admitted to the hospital & stayed for 3 days & was discharged. In July Mom, my daughter Kelly & my granddaughter Alex flew to Brooklyn, NY to visit my brother Jeff, his wife Chris & their 3 year old son Henry. Mom had a wonderful time although she didn’t feel really as well as she would’ve liked to have felt. They took the train back which was something Mom had wanted to do for a very long time. She wanted to see how train travel had changed since the 1940’s when she, as a teenager, rode the train to get to where my Dad was stationed in the military.
She came to my daughter Laura’s 40th birthday party on July 11th.
On July 16th she again passed out at the office & was admitted to the hospital for 8 days then went to Larkspur, a physical rehab center, for 20 days. At the end of 20 days she was much worse than she had been upon admission so she changed doctors & was admitted to a different hospital the very day she was discharged from Larkspur.
Never have I felt more helpless than I felt when Mom & I were i the doctor’s office. Somehow I knew there was no way she would get well but she never gave up hope. Her new doctors kidded her for being a challenge to them. She loved that! She got along with all of the hospital staff really well & they liked her spirit & determination. Her last physical therapy session on the the Friday before she passed away on Tuesday. I watched her struggle to do her best. It was heart wrenching but I was so proud of her. She was admitted to the hospital on August 12th & passed away on September 10th. Our world changed as we stood beside her bed talking to her as she died. She passed away very peacefully. 

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